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The Hungry Jess Podcast

Hi all! It's Jess, your host of The Hungry Jess Podcast. I'll be continuing the conversations with creatives and chefs all across the 412, plus how these places and people have been able to come out stronger than ever following the worst of the pandemic.

Hope you brought your favorite eating utensil, because you’re about to be hungry AF!

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Season 1, Episode 4: Rachel Walton, head pastry chef at DiAnoia’s

In this episode, Jess sits down with Rachel Walton, head pastry chef at DiAnoia’s in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, to discuss all things rainbow cookies and baking inspiration. We also discuss some more serious and open dialogue, like what to do when you find yourself in a compromising position at work, how to advocate for yourself in the process, and how to overcome these conflicts and not take them with you to your next move. Rachel also tells us how she grew to manage the pastry team and what her latest creations are (I’m telling you already, you’ll want to head to DiAnoia’s ASAP after listening!)

Jessica Iacullo, host of the HungryGrl Podcast

Jessica Iacullo, What started as “just” an Instagram page to pass the time during my college days has boomed into my full-time job working with brands like Cosmopolitan Magazine, Kraft Heinz, Forbes, Jets, Boars Head, Baked By Melissa, Business Insider, various Food Network Chefs, Citi Bank, US Open, McDonald’s, Love Your Melon, Her Campus, and Little Words Project… just to name a few. In the years since I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, came back to New York City, and have since returned to the 412, I have also developed my writing skills for both my website, newsletter, and outside publications.

But at the end of the day, I’m just a girl that likes to eat and tell other people about it. Listen in!

Season 3, Episode 2: Specialty Group

In this episode, Jess is in conversation with Sidney Sokoloff, vice president of Specialty Group and the face behind the orange poster series on his Instagram page, The Restaurant Broker PGH. Restaurants are about the food, but also about the experience. Jess and Sidney talk “eatertainment,” local restaurants, and all ...

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Season 3, Episode 1: Sara Makin of Makin Wellness

To kick off Season 3 of the podcast, host and creator Jess Iacullo of HungryJess talks to Sara Makin, MSEd, LPC, NCC is the founder & CEO of Makin Wellness, a privately owned tele-mental health company based in Pennsylvania. While exercise and eating a balanced diet is essential, well-being means also ...

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Season 2, Episode 5: The YaJagoffs!

In Episode 5, Jess talks to that dynamic duo, John Chamberlin and Rachael Rennebeck — founders of YaJagoff Media. You’ve seen — or heard them — as the zip around the 412 and beyond. Now, they’re hosting their own radio show on Q92.9-FM, “YaJagoff on Q.” What’s behind their partnership? How ...

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