Monikers like “Rust Belt” and “Coal Country” no longer apply. We’re redefining the region on our own terms, not those handed down to us by previous generations and the national media. Postindustrial Media reflects the history, legacy, and culture of one of the most important regions in America. We show where those regions are going—in the spirit of reinvention and renewal so emblematic of Postindustrial America. And we are forging the next generation of Rust Belt and Appalachian ingenuity through original storytelling, insight, and analysis.

The stories we tell

“Our mission is to shed light on the changing face of Postindustrial America, be it good or bad, and how we got where we are, and where we are going. We promote conversations about the challenges and opportunities inherent to the sustainable future of Postindustrial communities. Through these conversations, we look to give voice to people who have lost their own.

We tell these stories through words, images, audio, video and live events.”

Postindustrial highlights also cool ideas and the people behind them. To be Postindustrial means being an innovator, someone who disproves coastal assertions that this is “flyover country.” People refurbishing their own home with renewable energy and recycled materials, people having more than one skill (Postindustrial Americans write computer code and grow their own food), and those who have a style that’s not beholden to New York or L.A. are Postindustrial.

Where we tell them

Postindustrial Magazine – Our print magazine tells in-depth stories with beautiful visuals, providing something tangible in our digital world. Subscribe here.

The Weekly – Our stories published online and distributed in our Sunday newsletter, The Weekly. Sign up for Weekly stories in you inbox.

Podcasts – Postindustrial audio produces and partners with a variety of podcasts from the Postindustrial region. Listen to our podcasts.

Events – Connecting people to art, culture, and promoting conversations about moving Postindustrial communities forward. Coming in 2020.

Video – We bring people, places, and conversations to life with short documentaries.

Custom Content – We bring people, places, and conversations to life with short documentaries.

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