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Maladjusted Life

Maladjusted Life

I chat with Brandeis sociology professor and author of The Hidden Cost of Being African American and Toxic Inequality: How America's Wealth Gap Destroys Mobility, Deepens the Racial Divide, and Threatens Our Future, Dr. Thomas Shapiro. Shapiro delves into the myth of meritocracy in American life, the country's aversion to reparations to the descendants of American slaves (ADOS) and discuss economic trends further perpetuating the racial wealth gap.


Pitchwerks Postindustrial founders Matt Stroud and Carmen Gentile sit down with Scot MacTaggart of "Pitchwerks" to discuss why they launched a media organization to tell the "full story" of Postindustrial America.

Throughline Last week's episode of NPR history podcast "Throughline" explored America's opioid epidemic, tracing how the use of prescription painkillers became a national crisis.

The Dream Podcast

The Dream tells the story of American multi-level marketing/direct sales organizations (you know — pyramid schemes), beginning with host Jane Marie's own exposure to them while growing up in rural Michigan.

Criminal Injustice University of Pittsburgh law professor David Harris is the host of "Criminal Injustice," which began as a response to the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014.

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