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Health equity, mental health, and quality of care are key issues facing those in the greater Pittsburgh region and beyond. But where do employers fit in the solution? Join The Pittsburgh Business Group on Health’s podcast, It’s All Your Business, as they explore these focus areas and more… and how we can understand our community by understanding our employees.  Produced with Postindustrial Media.


Its All Your Business, Season 1, Episode 5: Omada Health

Born from human-centered design fundamentals, Omada Health is a digital wellness company that puts humans before the disease. Their work on diabetes and hypertension is even more important now as we face the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phil Thompson and Kelsey McNamara of Omada discuss their insights into digital-centered human healthcare with Mike Stancil, host of the It’s All Your Business podcast.

The It’s All Your Business Podcast is sponsored by Pittsburgh Business Group on Health, one of the country’s most successful employer-led coalitions serving organizations to offer scalable solutions for employers and healthcare purchasers, and community members.

Mike Stancil

Mike Stancil is president and CEO for the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health, where he previously served as chief operating officer. For the past decade, Mike has focused on human-centered approaches to healthcare, digital experiences, and project management. In his current role, he hopes to inspire employers to actively acknowledge their influence in the community and be a force for positive change. Mike earned his master’s degree from The George Washington University.

Season 3, Episode 11: Bringing Mental Health Advocacy to the Workplace

Employers can create simple yet effective ways to build an “open door policy” for those on their team who may be suffering emotionally or mentally. Laurie Barnett Levine, chief executive officer of Mental Health America of Southwestern Pennsylvania, shares her personal and professional experience on an issue that is particularly ...

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Season 3, Episode 10: Finding the why: The importance of identifying the root cause

Dr. Robin Berzin is on a mission to help people get to the root cause of why they don’t feel their best. That focus is key to Parsley Health, a holistic medical practice with a focus on chronic conditions that she founded in 2016. Listen in to hear more about ...

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2023 Health Equity Series Part 3: Championing Life: Addressing Infant Mortality for a Healthier Tomorrow

In this special episode, hear from health care professionals and a mother as they delve into the challenges and triumphs of pregnancy as a Black woman in America. Jamila Pleas, founder of her Birth Right, moderates this panel discussion that includes a very personal story by Sara Brown, who shares ...

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