The Postindustrial Revolution

Postindustrial, Pittsburgh Beautiful Podcast, The Postindustrial Revolution

Photo by Justin Merriman

In today’s episode:

The last decade has seen a great resurgence in not only Pittsburgh, but many urban areas in the country previously associated with the industrial revolution. Matt Stroud, my guest on this episode, returned to his roots here in the Steel City to co-found a new media company, Postindustrial Media. This publication focuses on the many cities in the midwest (to also include places such as Baltimore and Philadelphia) that saw decay throughout the decline of manufacturing in the late 1900s and have begun a resurgence of their own. Postindustrial seeks to tell these stories in a meaningful and educational way. Pittsburgh Beautiful is proud to partner with Postindustrial in bringing the story of Pittsburgh’s most recent renaissance through audio, visual and written means.

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