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Postindustrial, Pittsburgh Beautiful Podcast, Pittsburgh Beautiful Trailer

Photo by Chris Klein

In today’s episode:

Pittsburgh! Welcome to the Pittsburgh Beautiful Podcast. We will talk about all things related to our beautiful city… and instead of the average interview, we’ll have guests that were born, bred, live, work, breathe and maybe even eat… all things Pittsburgh. That would be… YOU. If you want to be a part of our podcast… drop us a message in Facebook, Instagram, email us at PittsburghBeautiful@gmail.com… and listen to the podcast! Stay tuned for the Pittsburgh Beautiful Podcast, coming soon!

Postindustrial, Pittsburgh Beautiful, Chris Klein

Chris Klein roots are from Pittsburgh, and his grandmother was born in Castle Shannon in the early 1900’s. Pittsburgh in the early 20th Century, while booming and bustling, was a dirty place. Not so today! Pittsburgh moved him. He loves to capture beauty in unique ways and was inspired to create Pittsburgh Beautiful as a way to share that with everyone.

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