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"Postindustrial America" T-shirt

"Postindustrial America" T-shirt

Who doesn’t love T-shirts? And maps? The screenprinter Commonwealth Press in Pittsburgh, Pa. designed this T-shirt especially for us with a map of our region, Postindustrial America. Made from 100% ringspun cotton. Please indicate your size in the order information, or email us at

$20 - Buy
"We Are All In This Together" Tote

"We Are All In This Together" Cotton Tote

A convenient, two-strap, 100% cotton tote with with the message “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER,” designed and produced by Commonwealth Press. We hope you carry it with pride on those social-distancing trips to the grocery store or farmer’s market.  And please, wash your hands, keep your distance, and be good to each other. One size.

$10 - Buy

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