#152 Elyce Henkin – AKA NYC

Postindustrial, Pitchwerks Podcast, #152 – Elyce Henkin | AKA NYC

Elyce Henkin

In today’s episode:

This week, we get a call from New York City!Elyce Henkin jumps on the line with Scot MacTaggart to talk about how marketing and advertising work in the world’s most competitive theater market.Elyce is the director of partnerships and brand experience at AKA NYC, and her firm handles the marketing for major Broadway shows like Come From Away, The Prom, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.Elyce and Scot spend quite a bit of time talking about how important it is to find and use an authentic voice and approach when you’re marketing art with a specific message and point of view, and also analyze how partnerships are formed with brands like Kenneth Cole.

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