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Ingrid Cook

In today’s episode:

Later this year, Ingrid Cook and the SHzoom team will bring their long-awaited “Uptime” product to market to assist fleets with minor accidents and other types of service.  Uptime’s release is the latest milestone on a 10-year journey that began when Ingrid had a regular job working for someone else. Along the way, Ingrid’s team has assembled a portfolio of patents, performed extensive customer discovery and market validation, and taken a beta version of the offering to test users.  This week, Ingrid comes into the Epicast Studios to talk to Scot MacTaggart and the Pitchwerks audience about self-discipline, to debate about luck, and talk about some of the other paths that SHzoom could have taken.

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Scot MacTaggart is the creator & host of The Pitchwerks Podcast. Along with cofounder Olga Pogoda we are the brains behind KRNLS, and logged 20+ years in sales, marketing, management, consulting & entrepreneurship, always solving one problem:how to get businesses to the next level.

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