#143 Kurt Schnieders – DCC Executive Consulting

Postindustrial Audio, Pitchwerks Podcast

Kurt Schnieders of DCC Executive Consulting

In today’s episode:

Kurt Schnieders has had the kind of career that most of us can only dream of.He is best known for having been the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and before that he was the CIO of L Brands, the corporate parent of Victoria’s Secret. This week, Kurt stops into the Epicast Studios to talk to Pitchwerks host Scot MacTaggart about his post-corporate life as a consultant, the trends he sees in the technology space, and the frightening details of the stroke that he suffered in December of 2017.Kurt explains something most of us will never fully understand – the corporate CIO’s work day – and what the product, marketing, and sales landscape looks like from his perspective.

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