#138 Dr. Doug Nelson – Lumis

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Dr. Doug Nelson

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No one likes medical errors, and no one likes being bad at their job, but this week’s guest explains that lack of quality practice and insufficient access to hands-on training opportunities have created serious problems in healthcare. Dr. Doug Nelson is not a medical doctor. He’s a bioengineer and mathematician who took an interest in entrepreneurship after discovering a gap in the marketplace. This week, Doug tells Scot how he learned to give a great product demo, how he sells the value of Lumis, and the pair reflects on what makes practice and training more effective for the student.

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Scot MacTaggart is the creator & host of The Pitchwerks Podcast. Along with cofounder Olga Pogoda we are the brains behind KRNLS, and logged 20+ years in sales, marketing, management, consulting & entrepreneurship, always solving one problem:how to get businesses to the next level.

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