#227 – Martinea Goss – Trap Yoga

Postindustrial, Drinking Partners Podcast, #227 – Martinea Goss – Trap Yoga

Photo via Epicast: Day Bracey, Martinea Goss, and Ed Bailey

In today’s episode:

Favoritism and beef? That’s the theme in the latest Drinking Partners podcast as Ed finds himself embroiled in both. Martinea Goss, founder and instructor for Trap Yoga, stops by the studio to bring her unique vibe and to explain how she mixes music and yoga to create a dynamic, positive flow. Having created Trap Yoga to fill a void in the Pittsburgh yoga scene, Ms. Goss focuses on establishing a different scene and welcoming a new crowd and speaks on how she designs her classes. After a conversation about the Trap Yoga business model, the trio takes a sharp turn to discuss raccoons, which will not surprise anyone. The interview concludes with Ms. Goss’s plans for the future and, of course, her favorite form of potato.

Find more about Trap Yoga and attend a class by checking Martinea out on Instagram: trapyogii

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