#213 Roundabout Brewery | Blowfish BBQ

Postindustrial Audio, Drinking Partners Podcast

Ed Bailey, Justin Blakey, Steve Sloan, Dyana Sloan, and Day Bracey

In today’s episode:

Steve Sloan, owner and brewer for Roundabout Brewery, and Hootie (Justin Blakey) from Blowfish BBQ, join the Drinking Partners for a beer and barbeque feast in this latest release. After a brief interruption from Ed and Day as they discuss lawn maintenance, the men get down to business as both Steve and Hootie talk food and beer. The group pairs smoked brisket with a Roundabout Pilsner, which Ed and Day both admire for its clarity and taste as Steve explains the New Zealand influences behind Roundabout. Next up is a Marama IPA as Hootie gives his tips on what is essential for a BBQ starter kit and why he thinks Pittsburgh is finally ready for barbeque. The next course is a Ginga wheat accompanied by beef ribs, one of Blowfish’s specialty items. This newest Drinking Partners highlights two of Pittsburgh’s bests in beer and food, and listeners will want to visit both Roundabout Brewery and Blowfish BBQ after tuning in.

Listen, sit, and sip.

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