Postindustrial, City Speaks Episode 14: Illah Nourbahksh, Professor of Ethics and Computational Technologies

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This week’s episode of CitySpeaks features City Theatre’s Director of New Play Development, Clare Drobot ‘s fascinating conversation with Illah R. Nourbahksh.

lllah Nourbakhsh is the K&L Gates Professor of Ethics and Computational Technologies at CMU, where he directs the Community Robotics, Education, and Technology Empowerment (CREATE) Lab. For more than 15 years, he has explored human-robot interaction with the aim of creating rich, effective, and satisfying interactions between the two. An area of his research focuses on human-robot collaboration for learning, centered on measurable information gains for humans. His CREATE Lab combines participatory design, design-based thinking, and robotic innovation to achieve positive social impact on specific problems throughout societies.

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