Ed Bailey, of the Drinking Partners, podcasts at the Epicast Studios in the Knoxville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Photo by Buzzy Torek of Epicast.

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Introducing Postindustrial Audio

The best podcasts in the region 

By Matt Stroud // Photo by Buzzy Torek of Epicast

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Every week, we highlight a podcast or two that we think you’ll find interesting. Up until now, our highlights have been purely for curation — a way to show you which podcasts we’re listening to and how they’re tied, in some way, to postindustrial communities or the people living within them. This week, we’re showcasing something different.

Since we started Postindustrial Media, we’ve had one main contention about podcasts: Great national shows get a lot of attention, while great local podcasts don’t, even when they have impressive grassroots audiences. We want to change that.


Which is why we’re launching Postindustrial Audio.

Postindustrial Audio is starting in Pittsburgh — because we’re based here — by helping to promote and build business connections for what are, in our opinion, four of the best podcasts being produced in the area today. They are:

  • DRINKING PARTNERS This excellent podcast features comics Ed Bailey and Day Bracey swilling microbrews and engaging in dynamic and informative conversations with entertainers, politicians, and entrepreneurs, from comedian Todd Glass to Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto. The drinking partners are nothing short of highly addictive.
  • PITCHWERKS Want to know how the best sales and marketing people think? Dreaming of a new career or a startup? Get on it! Hosted by Scot MacTaggart — an entrepreneur who has been a sales rep, a marketer, a manager, a consultant, an executive and an adviser for more than 20 years — the Pitchwerks podcast helps listeners reach their business goals.
  • AWESOMECAST This podcast features everything great — awesome, even — in the world of technology, social media, and entertainment, with discussions on the latest gadgets, web sites, and talk with people doing awesome things in tech.
  • MARTA ON THE MOVE An award-winning podcast hosted by Marta Mazzoni, Marta on the Move features candid and comedic conversation, along with travel inspiration, pop culture, and “general nerdery,” as Marta describes it.

Download all of them on iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast app.

As we discover and partner with other great local podcasts, we’ll bring them in, too. We’ll launch a few of our own soon. And as Postindustrial expands outside Pittsburgh, so will Postindustrial Audio.

So stay tuned!

Postindustrial Media is just getting started!


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