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Get a unique mug designed by an artist for Postindustrial, to celebrate women


By Kimberly Palmiero

We’re pretty mad about artists here at Postindustrial — and about coffee.

That’s one reason that we partnered with Renée Suhr, owner of the feisty, community-oriented Stray Cat Studio, located northwest of Pittsburgh. We wanted to create something unique that celebrates women for International Women’s Day, with this year’s theme “Break the Bias.”

Get the mug throughout the month of March, by ordering here.

A portion of the sales will benefit the women and girls of Team Zubair, a nonprofit supporting Afghan arrivals. You’re supporting women-owned and -led businesses with each sale, too.

We aim to undertake more collaborations with artists in Postindustrial regions, as a means of highlighting their work, and the communities.

Suhr opened her studio in 2013 to develop what she describes as her “pottery-making addiction” in the town of 9,000.

What started as a personal journey developed into a gathering spot for artists, sellers, customers, and hobbyists. There’s a studio on one side and a makers market on the other, featuring the work of more than 100 local artists. 

The business is a gathering spot not just for people…but also for cats. 

Stray cats are, well, everywhere.

“Like the residents of this beloved small town, they are resilient, unshakeable, and courageous,” Suhr says. “Developing survival strategies and coping mechanisms to keep afloat, they inspire us to try new things and keep going.

“If they can survive each year, frigid winter after blazing summer, so can unexpected pieces of lifelike art, beauty, and small business in the midst of the twists and turns of life in our current world.”

Suhr says her business is also open to all the “stray cats” among us: “artists looking for a home studio to call their own, as well as those trying to source unique pottery handmade in the USA for gifts, commercial merchandise or dinnerware.”

Renee Suhr at her studio in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

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