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By Staff

Taking care of our mental health and our emotions is key to resilience and overall well-being — and resilient individuals make for resilient communities.

Behavioral health focuses on the relationships between emotions, habits, and physical health.

Yet, there is still a stigma around behavioral health. For some, accessing resources that help people handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices can be challenging.

This audio series aims to help overcome these issues through education and openness. Experts will discuss behavioral health disorders and ways to work toward good health for our bodies — and our minds.

You’ll hear independent viewpoints from community and government stakeholders, as well as the expertise of those within UPMC Health Plan.

For example, in Episode 5, hear from Nancy McKee, clinical director of Workpartners, which provides wellness services to employers.

“I always think the important thing is we don’t know people’s stories,” she says.“We don’t know what they’re carrying or what they’re bringing into the workplace. And we used to say, leave your personal life at the doorstep. Well, your personal life may be at your doorstep because you’re working from a hybrid model or a remote location.”

In Episode 6, learn how integrated care is becoming even more critical to helping people work to achieve and maintain health. That means the entire care team for a person, from their primary care provider to therapists to specialists, are working together for the benefit of the patient.

In Episode 8, we hear from experts about the future of behavioral health. Traditionally treatment has taken place in an office, but that’s changing.

“People live and thrive in their entire community, not just in their 15-minute therapy session. And the more we are able to embrace that understanding, engage and mobilize all of those facets in someone’s life, the more opportunities we have to help support them leading those full, healthy, meaningful lives in the community,” said Dr. Matthew Hurford, CEO of Community Care Behavioral Health.

“Simply put, we cannot get to whole person care without thinking about whole community care.”

The Good Health, Better World podcast series brings experts together to discuss some of health care’s most important (and often challenging) topics.

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