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An award-winning podcast hosted by Marta Mazzoni, Marta on the Move features candid and comedic conversation, along with travel inspiration, pop culture, and “general nerdery,” as Marta describes it.


Marta on the Move, Episode #144: People With Big Ideas But Just Can’t Reach The Finish Line. My Number One Tip

This episode is for all my idea people out there. Does this sound like you?

-You wake up in the morning sometimes and are mad you didn’t write down something you thought of while sleeping.

-You have constant ideas that you think are amazing but can’t seem to get them off the ground.

-Your friends come to your for your advice, you are great at finding the right solution for them

-You always see the bigger picture

-You sometimes can’t articulate your many different ideas.

If any of these resonate with you, then you are like me, and for years I thought something was wrong with me. I would have ideas.. big ideas… great ideas. I would then try and act on my grand ideas, and something would hold me back from ever fulfilling them.

I would reach a road block, something I didn’t know how to do, or something that was extremely intimidating to learn about. I would give up on that great idea, and usually end up feeling like a failure. Maybe the idea wasn’t so great after all. Maybe I suck at this.

I am here to tell you that you do not suck! Tune into this podcast to learn how to reach that finish line and get your ideas into form! It was a hard road to learn, but I did, and I want all my idea people out there to know it. There is a better way! Hope you enjoyed this episode!

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Marta Mazzoni has a ton of interests varying from anything like boardgames, pop culture, food, drinks, immersive theater, games, history, treasure hunting, and more.Sometimes, you never know what you are going to get in an episode, but that’s the fun of it. Think of it as a magazine featuring some serious, funny, odd, and zany subjects. Enjoy!

Marta on the Move, Episode #145: Breaking The Standard Idea of Self Care and Why You Should Never Feel Guilty About Putting Your’s First.

This episode is all about why you should NOT feel guilty about taking care of yourself. The whole idea of self care has been blown up, and made into an “expensive spa day”, and frankly, I am ready to think differently about it. On this episode I delve deep into ...

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Marta on the Move, Episode #143: Vulnerability and The Stories We Tell Ourselves

I wrote the post below before I recorded today. After I had posted it, I realized that I needed to record more of what I was feeling about this podcast my husband and I listened to this morning. Tune in. The episode featured Brene Brown on The Science of Success ...

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