May 15, 2019

Postindustrial presents: Pittsburgh Beautiful contributor Dan Showalter


A social media project from Chris Klein, Pittsburgh Beautiful is the Steel City’s most engaged social media company, crowdsourcing images from amateur and professional photographers to more than 240,000 active and engaged, Pittsburgh-lovin’ followers. (Follow on Facebook and Instagram!)

Every Wednesday, in a collaboration with Pittsburgh Beautiful, Postindustrial will post the most shared image from Pittsburgh Beautiful’s social media platforms, along with a statement from the photographer behind the most engaging shot. This week, it’s Dan Showalter, with a photo from the North Shore. Enjoy!

“I was really in the right place at the right time when I took this image. I am an amateur photographer, and I happened to be up early that Saturday morning and took a walk along the North Shore. I got a few nice photos of the bridges and buildings with the reflections on the water. Then, the sun started to come up and I noticed all the bright colors. I thought the angle of the photo made it appear as though the Fred Rogers statue was ‘watching’ the sun rise in these amazing colors. What made the picture extra special is that the school where I work had just finished a kindness-themed week. Seemed a great way to cap off an amazing week of acts of kindness.”

— Dan Showalter

Check back Wednesdays to Postindustrial for the week’s most engaging photo from Pittsburgh Beautiful!


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