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Jim Krenn of No Restrictions podcast

In today’s episode:

Jim Krenn is the creator and co-host of the successful “No Restrictions” podcast, now produced by the team at the Pittsburgh Current. He has stayed local to his hometown of Pittsburgh and still remained successful in his entertainment career, which now spans more than 30 years. Jim Krenn will always be a comedian — many Pittsburghers think of him as the personality that put the WDVE morning show on the map, others as the backbone of Nickelodeon’s cult hit “Action League Now!”

This week, Jim comes into the Epicast Studios to talk with Scot MacTaggart about his many innovative and entrepreneurial reinventions – from his new “Yinzer” line of cards and candy to a brand-new live show in December that will feature him doing musical impressions – and the mindset that he uses to stay grounded so he can succeed.

Produced by Epicast

Scot MacTaggart is the creator & host of The Pitchwerks Podcast. Along with cofounder Olga Pogoda we are the brains behind KRNLS, and logged 20+ years in sales, marketing, management, consulting & entrepreneurship, always solving one problem:how to get businesses to the next level.

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