#148 Kevin Kelly and Doug Reynolds – Rhabit + DDI

Postindustrial, Pitchwerks Podcast, #148 Kevin Kelly and Doug Reynolds – Rhabit + DDI

Kevin Kelly and Doug Reynolds

In today’s episode:

This week we’re talking strategic investment with our old friend Kevin Kelly, CEO of Rhabit Analytics, and Doug Reynolds, EVP of Development Dimensions International (DDI), who counts technology and innovation efforts among his responsibilities there.They came in the Epicast Studios to talk about their collaborative efforts, as DDI’s Venture Fund has now made a strategic investment in Rhabit, and to let Scot MacTaggart ask everything you ever wanted to know about strategic investment arrangements and the motivations behind them.

Scot MacTaggart is the creator & host of The Pitchwerks Podcast. Along with cofounder Olga Pogoda we are the brains behind KRNLS, and logged 20+ years in sales, marketing, management, consulting & entrepreneurship, always solving one problem:how to get businesses to the next level.

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