#146 Toni Murphy, Bill Flanagan – Allegheny Conference

Postindustrial, Pitchwerks #146 Toni Murphy, Bill Flanagan – Allegheny Conference

Toni Murphy and Bill Flanagan

In today’s episode:

This week’s guests are incredible! We have Toni Murphy, vice president of sales and marketing for Comcast, and Bill Flanagan, the iconic host of WPXI TV’s Our Region’s Business – and they’re in to talk about their work with the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. Specifically, they’re here talking about “Our Next 75”, the Allegheny Conference initiative that brought a diverse crowd of 1000 locals into one room to talk about what the area needs to grow and thrive for the next 75 years. The trio gets into the methodology behind the effort, the brand and message work necessary to make sure that it’s successful, and where things go from here.

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