It’s Monday, 8/12/19

Postindustrial, The Pittsburgh Record It’s Monday, 8/12/19

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In today’s episode:

* On Wednesday, Congressman Mike Doyle will hold his first town hall event since 2017, this one focused on climate. Doyle, who has represented Pittsburgh in the House for 24 years, has been a reliable advocate for Medicare For All. But he’s not backed the Green New Deal, another bold progressive policy, and one that advocates say is the only approach that meets the level of the climate crisis
* And more news items from the city of Pittsburgh and our region

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Adam Shuck is the creator and host of "The Pittsburgh Record," Postindustrial's daily email newsletter and podcast. Previously, he compiled the daily email newsletter "Eat That, Read This," which he began in 2014. Adam lives in Pittsburgh and is also a freelance German translator and DJ.

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