Postindustrial Jevgenia Serper Pittsburgh Beautiful July 10, 2019

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Photo by Jevgenia Serper, @jenyaserper_photography

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“For me it was love at first sight with Pittsburgh. Perhaps it’s the geography with its rivers and hills, or unique architecture, but ultimately something made me feel right at home away from home the first time I laid my eyes on its iconic skyline. I don’t live in Pittsburgh, but yet I love it from every angle, and there is something truly magnificent in experiencing the city in twilight from the water. As the Gateway Clipper was passing by the Point, it happened to be that beautiful fleeting twilight moment when the skies turn vivid but soft hues of blue, and it feels as if the time stands still. As an amateur photographer, I want to do justice to Pittsburgh’s beauty with every image I capture, and I am so happy to have been lucky enough to get the perfect angle at the perfect time.”

— Jevgenia Serper @jenyaserper_photography

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