Did the Pirates Sink The Ship?

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In today’s episode:

Well, the trade deadline came… and went. Seriously… did anyone really think the Pirates were going to make a real move? Sure… Dickerson is gone.They gave him away. That’s not a move. Yeah… they tried to move Vasquez… but didn’t. In today’s Moio’s Musings, Dave talks about the disappointment, the current state of the franchise, and what he thinks the future looks like… for now. And you can listen to it right here on this BONUS edition of the Pittsburgh Beautiful Podcast!

Chris Klein roots are from Pittsburgh, and his grandmother was born in Castle Shannon in the early 1900’s. Pittsburgh in the early 20th Century, while booming and bustling, was a dirty place. Not so today! Pittsburgh moved him. He loves to capture beauty in unique ways and was inspired to create Pittsburgh Beautiful as a way to share that with everyone.

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David Moio Pittsburgh born and raised, black and gold runs through my veins.I am a writer at heart (and by profession in a previous life), but found my calling teaching everybody’s favorite subject, high school English, at Penn-Trafford High School where I also coach girls basketball.I played some ball when I was younger, and still play old-man dek hockey to my wife’s dismay.I have the greatest blended family a man could have – seven kids combined between me and my Northern Star, my beautiful wife, Erin.

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