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I have written before about the Luddites and how autonomous intelligence might unleash a neo-Luddite movement. It would appear that day may have indeed arrived.

There are reports from Arizona that autonomous vehicles are being vandalized. Since 2017, there have been almost two dozen acts of sabotage against driverless vehicles operated by Waymo in the city of Chandler near Phoenix. One unidentified assailant slashed a van’s tires, other people have thrown rocks at passing driverless vans. Other Luddites have attempted to run the vehicles off the road, while one man threatened a Waymo employee riding in one of the vehicles with a PVC pipe. In another case a man brandished a pistol at the van and Waymo employee. A woman was even found screaming at a vehicle to leave her neighborhood. Thankfully, we’ve not seen anything like this in Columbus, but I wonder if we should nevertheless be on guard for such acts of vengeance against the Downtown driverless shuttle?