#128 Costa Rica Guanacaste Region Tips

Postindustrial, Marta On the Move #128 Costa Rica Guanacaste Region Tips

In today’s episode:

I am extremely late with this post,(actually I forgot to post it how fun!) but wanted to record an episode about my husband and I’s trip to Costa Rica. I left early for this trip and volunteered for a sea turtle conservation project (more on that later), and then met up with Phil afterwards. 

Costa Rica is a fabulous trip from the States because of it’s cheap flight pricing, two different convenient airports, acceptance of the american dollar, and a good population of english speaking locals.

It is also a great spot for adventurers that love to get outside. We chat on this episode about getting outside and on their popular zip line at the famous Witch’s Rock, and riding ATV’s to secret beaches, along with the diving around the area and renting jet ski’s.

We also talk (of course) food, drink and more while you are there. We visited Guanagaste region during their dry time of the year in January. If you are looking for the more tropical enviorment with all the peacocks and crazy gorgeous birds, you will need to head more South of Costa Rica and fly into the San Juan airport. This episode is just about Guanacaste province, so take note.

Have you been? Tell us about your trip! We head to England and France soon, and we are pretty stoked, and looking for travel advice on London. Help a girl out, you know the weird stuff I like.

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