#123 Real Time Interventions Presents”Khuraki”- An Immersive Experience Highlighting Afghan Woman Refugees in Pittsburgh

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All around us in Pittsburgh there are refugees that are displaced in our city, trying to make a home, adapt to our Pittsburgh lifestyle, and also keep their roots and traditions alive and vibrant. Some woman are trying to do that by opening an Afghan restaurant in the city and are raising funds for it. Enter Real Time Interventions. This theater company is one of my favorites because they take their love of theater, intimate experiences and fold it into topics that are hard to swallow in today’s world. They make these subjects digestible and relatable to all.

What is more relatable than food? Everyone loves to eat, and the kitchen is known as the heart of the home, the dining table is where the conversations flourish. People meet across different cultures through cuisine. Rusty Thelin and Molly Rice run Real Time Interventions. Their show called “Khuraki” which literally means “Food” in the Afghan language , pairs an actress with a afghan refugee woman in Pittsburgh. It strives to tell their story through food through a series of four live cultural events This event will celebrate the traditions of the Afghan culture, music, and food through “theatrical portraits” of five strong woman living in Pittsburgh. I was lucky enough to have one of the girls on the show. Nelab Baheen, and the actress playing her Kelly Trumbull along with Rusty came to chat about the process of working out the details of the show, what they have learned about the Afghan traditions, what amazing food they ate( I LOVE FOOD), and what the Kelly learned from playing Nelab during the show. There are 50 seats available and half are sold out already. Most of the proceeds are going to help open their dream of an Afghan Restaurant in Pittsburgh. Which I am personally so excited about! Show dates- Saturday March 23, 2019 7-9pm at New Sun Rising. Saturday April 6th 7-9pm at Union Project Monday April 22nd- 7-9pm Islamic Center of Pittsburgh Monday May 6th 7-9pm at Alphabet City Tickets are free, but a $20 donation is suggested to help these woman create their dream, and keep productions like this going. Hope to see you there! M

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