The Hungry Grl Podcast

Welcome to The Hungry Grl Podcast! Your Hungry Grl host, Jessie, will be in food-filled conversation with some of the most talented and successful Chefs and creatives around the city of bridges, aka Pittsburgh. Hope you brought your favorite eating utensil, because you’re about to be hungry AF.


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#2 – Georgia Bloom of Sweet Peach Denim

Postindustrial, Hungry Grl Podcast, #2 Georgia Bloom of Sweet Peach Denim

Georgia Bloom of Sweet Peach Denim with Hungry Grl host Jessica Iacullo

Welcome to the SECOND episode of Hungry Grl Big Podcast! On this episode, I cozy up with my grl and fellow creative Georgia Bloom of Sweet Peach Denim. While chatting in my living room, we cover everything from what it’s like to move to a new city and build a business, how to make sure you’re getting paid what you deserve, how to balance self-doubt and the pressure of doing “the most,” and end with dating ups, downs, and hot Pittsburgh date spots.

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Jessica Iacullo, What started as “just” an Instagram page to pass the time during my college days has boomed into my full-time job working with brands like Cosmopolitan Magazine, Kraft Heinz, Forbes, Jets, Boars Head, Baked By Melissa, Business Insider, various Food Network Chefs, Citi Bank, US Open, McDonald’s, Love Your Melon, Her Campus, and Little Words Project… just to name a few. In the years since I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, came back to NYC, and have since returned to the 412, I have also developed my journalistic skills for both my website and outside publications as well as creating a newsletter that I can call my own.But at the end of the day, I’m just a girl that likes to eat and tell other people about it.