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Gisele Fetterman and Laura Rock

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“Everything you do and don’t do matters,” Fetterman says. “Your children want to see you happy. They do.”

Pennsylvania’s second lady, Gisele Fetterman, joins us on Empower by Example to tell you all about her work in communities across the state. Fetterman is an empathetic, compassionate and courageous entrepreneur, as well as mother and wife to Lt. Governor John Fetterman. The Fettermans are a Pittsburgh power couple and they mix initiatives, relationship building, optimism and their incredible work ethics to make drastic positive changes in their hometown of Braddock, in the city of Pittsburgh, and throughout Pennsylvania, county by county.

Gisele reminds us each day via social media that everyone — women, immigrants, LGBTQAI+ — is welcome in every space. She backed up this position by opening the pool at the Lt. Governor’s home in Harrisburg to the public this summer. We talked about her recommendations for children’s books that promote inclusiveness and diversity. You learn more using the hashtag #brattybedtimestories.

We both have connections to Philly, so I asked where Gisele is visiting when she is in town. She will be meeting with Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY) this week and headlining their Octoberfest event on Sunday, October 13th.

We discuss harm reduction, the stigma of addiction and Gisele’s support of Narcan. You can learn more about a supervised injection site that is opening in the Kensington neighborhood in Philadelphia.

Action Steps: Philadelphia, check out this page of actions you can take to help children in poverty at PCCY’s website.

If you are interested in learning more about the Free Store 15104 you can email Are you interested in working with The Hollander Project? You can reach out at Here are some other initiatives that Gisele leads where she makes it easy to volunteer and make a difference in Pittsburgh.

412 Food Rescue
Girl Code
Foster Good
Hello Hijab

You can find Gisele on social media:

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You can find For Good PGH on social media:

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