Garrett Oliver – Live from Fresh Fest

Postindustrial, Drinking Partners Garrett Oliver – Live from Fresh Fest

Photo via Epicast: Drinking Partners live at Fresh Fest

In today’s episode:

Live from Fresh Fest 2019, the Drinking Partners enthusiastically welcome Brooklyn Brewery’s brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, or as Ed calls him, “Mr. Renaissance.” With an audience as excited as both Ed and Day watching, Mr. Oliver gets right into what he sees as the recovery of the American food industry, one that was deceptive for decades. He effortlessly teaches history to those listening by exploring the rich, multi-cultural history of American cuisine, one that was replaced by “food facsimiles.” The trio then examines how to expand the perimeters of the craft beer scene to allow it to be more inclusive and approachable, a shared goal of everyone on the panel and the purpose behind the Fresh Fest Beer Fest. There’s beer drinking, too, to be sure as Ed and Day taste a smooth 9% Belgian strong golden that was heavily influenced by a Belgian brewer who came to New York to teach Mr. Oliver the re-fermentation process. The story also highlights what can happen when people share their keys. In the latter minutes of the podcast, the live audience gets involved during a question and answer session that is filled with relevant queries and compelling answers. A must listen podcast that glows bright with the interesting, ancient history of brewing, one that began in communities of color. “We were all supposed to be in the same damn room in the first place having a good time,” Mr. Oliver reminds the crowd in the final moments. To learn more about the James Beard award-winning Garrett Oliver, view his remarkable style, and hear his inspiring philosophies, visit:

Listen, sit, and sip.

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