#223 Jess Hickey | Greensburg Craft Beer Week

Postindustrial, Drinking Partners Podcast, #223 Jess Hickey | Greensburg Craft Beer Week

Photo via Epicast: Day Bracey, Jess Hickey, and Ed Bailey

In today’s episode:

The Drinking Partners welcome Jess Hickey of Greensburg Craft Beer Week for a discussion on all beer related happenings in Westmoreland County. Featuring 16 breweries from across the county and 30 homebrewers, Greenburg Craft Beer Week will take place September 20-28. With a focus on community and craft, the festival hopes to showcase local businesses and restaurants around the greater Greensburg area during their 9-day event. Each day offers an exciting, beer-centric event around the Greensburg area, from brunch to trivia to the Brewer’s Double Dare; the festival itself is September 22. Ms. Hickey shares her extensive knowledge of both beer and business as she talks about planning the event, the actual beer itself, and the Greensburg community. Greensburg Craft Beer Week combines all three.

To read more about the events and to purchase tickets, visit: greensburgcraftbeerweek.com

Listen, sit, and sip.

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