#222 – Arie & Randall Cole

Postindustrial, Drinking Partners Podcast, #222 – Arie & Randall Cole

Photo via Epicast: Day Bracey, Arie & Randall Cole, and Ed Bailey

In today’s episode:

The talent in the studio doubles as brothers Arie and Randall Cole join the Drinking Partners in their latest release. DJ Arie and photographer Redd Vision stop by to converse on how they create and inspire, but also speak on how they research and improve their crafts. A unique flow develops that emphasizes and examines both men’s strengths, from Redd Vision’s “sniper” photography, which often includes candid images from surprising angles and DJ Arie Cole’s song choices that reflect and revolve around his crowds. When Ed delves deeper into Arie’s choices, he wonders if he is giving away the DJ’s “money moves” and admits his past as a college deejay. Listen in as the conversation shifts to an exploration of family dynamics and how Arie and Randall combine their passions. The closing minutes focus on how to progress and build, which sometimes involves learning a new approach or subject, according to the Cole brothers. The latest Drinking Partners podcast offers an inspirational and dynamic look into photography and music. Check out Redd Vision and DJ Arie Cole in and around Pittsburgh and on social media.

Produced by Epicast

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