#221 Ashlee Green | North Side Chronicle

Postindustrial, Drinking Partners #221 Ashlee Green | North Side Chronicle

Photo via Epicast: Day Bracey, Ashlee Green, and Ed Bailey

In today’s episode:

In their latest podcast, the Drinking Partners interview Ashlee Green, writer and managing editor of The Northside Chronicle. To start, Ms. Green explains what creative nonfiction is, which gives Ed lots of ideas on how he can incorporate the craft into his own life. With a free monthly print edition that seeks to highlight the community, The Northside Chronicle’s focus includes profiles and features on Pittsburgh’s talent and news. Midway through, and after a Drinking Partners tangent, the trio discusses the history of Allegheny City, the once-independent area central to the Northside. After an examination of journalistic practices and approaches, Ms. Green details her favorite stories and how she plans to include even more voices and welcome new perspectives. To read The Northside Chronicle: thenorthsidechronicle.com

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