#217 Dennis Hock | Strange Roots

Postindustrial Audio, Drinking Partners Podcast

Day Bracey, Dennis Hock of Strange Roots Experimental Ales, and Ed Bailey

In today’s episode:

Dennis Hock, founder of Strange Roots Experimental Ales, joins the Drinking Partners and discusses his approach to brewing “liquid art” and the experimentation his brewery is known for. He explains how his past career as a natural scientist heavily influences his current brewing career as the conversation gets deeply scientific. Listen in as Ed and Day sample a barely legal honey ale, one that was made by pushing “wild yeast as far as it could go.” The APV? 17.3%. The effects seem nearly instantaneous as wild laughter spreads across the studio. Once they settle, the conversation returns to a science-based one, as they talk about spontaneous fermentation and how to control their final products. Of course, Ed and Day interrupt to offer their own non-scientific thoughts. The podcast is a unique chance to learn how Strange Roots continues to push the limits of brewing. For more info about their “wild by design” beers, visit: strangerootsbeer.com

Listen, sit, and sip.

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