#214 Cellar Works Brewing

Postindustrial Audio, Drinking Partners Podcast

Day Bracey, John Lasher from Cellar Works Brewing, and Ed Bailey

In today’s episode:

John Lasher from Cellar Works Brewing joins the Drinking Partners and starts the boys off with an American Dubbel style stout with a rustic taste. Mr. Lasher talks about his start as a home brewer and the decision to leave his job in the nuclear engineering field to open Cellar Works in the opening segment. From bottle and can design to dumping bad beer, Mr. Lasher details how Cellar Works thrives, especially with a focus on locally sourcing and maintaining their “farmhouse philosophy.” Midway through, the conversation turns science and brewing-specific, leaving Ed to conclude that if he opened a brewery, it would fail. Throughout the podcast, the discussion is so in-depth and detailed that listeners will believe themselves able to get started brewing. And then the drunken wheels come off as Ed and Day let loose. An episode that true beer aficionados will love. Learn more about Cellar Works here: cellarworksbrewing.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.

Postindustrial Audio, Drinking Partners Podcast, Day Bracey and Ed Bailey

Drinking Partners Podcast features comics Day Bracey and Ed Bailey swilling microbrews and spirits and engaging in dynamic, entertaining, and informative conversations with entertainers, politicians, and entrepreneurs, ranging from comedian Todd Glass to Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto. Sometimes outrageous and sometimes educational, the Drinking Partners are nothing short of highly addictive…

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