#93: Evidence Based Policing (reprise)

Postindustrial Audio, Criminal Injustice Podcast, #93: Evidence Based Policing (reprise)

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In today’s episode:

Criminal Injustice returns with a new season on Tuesday, September 3! Until then, we’re reposting one more of our favorite interviews. This episode originally appeared November 13, 2018.

We often hear about new methods police try to achieve better results against crime. But do the police have any reason to believe that their new approaches will work? Are their new initiatives based on hope, or on actual evidence that they will really help?

Our guest, Dr. Cynthia Lum, is Professor of Criminology and Director of the Center for Evidence Based Crime Policy, George Mason University. She’ll talk to us about Evidence Based Policing – and how she and her colleagues pioneered an approach that can make sure that what police want to do will really improve things.

Postindustrial Audio, Criminal Injustice Podcast, David Harris

Professor David Harris and guests take on everything from racial bias to use of force... from surveillance technology to mass incarceration... and from police abuse and misconduct to the astonishing, frequently hilarious misdeeds of "Lawyers Behaving Badly." It's not a lecture hall, and you don't need a law degree to keep up. But you'll walk away from each episode with a deeper understanding of what's wrong with the criminal justice system – and what to do about it.

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