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Postindustrial, Pittsburgh Beautiful, December 4, 2019

Paul Vladuchick

/ By Kim Palmiero

After returning from a trip from Japan, the jet lag had me wide awake late into the night. I used the opportunity to go downtown and capture the city almost entirely devoid of traffic and people (as I’ve always been a fan of Edward Hoppers paintings). It was cold and lightly raining and the wet pavement reflected the light from the Hornes Christmas tree nicely and without traffic or people, it gives the scene a bit of a different vibe.

Postindustrial, Pittsburgh Beautiful, November 26, 2019

Brad Berkstresser, Bradley B. Photography

/ By Kim Palmiero

I was really happy with how this shot turned out as the image high above the PPG rink and Christmas tree isn’t one you see everyday. The skaters below look miniature, and I really liked how the light of the tree and rink reflect off of PPG.

Postindustrial, Pittsburgh Beautiful, November 20, 2019


/ By Kim Palmiero

“The image of the red Duquesne Incline cable cars is obviously one strongly associated with the City of Pittsburgh. For a bit different perspective, I was fortunate enough to capture this view after a fresh snowfall, and the white background added a nice pop of color to the architecture on Grandview Avenue.”

Postindustrial, Pittsburgh Beautiful, Christy, November 13, 2019

Dan Merkel, D-Merk Photography

/ By Kim Palmiero

This photo was captured above the point on a clear fall afternoon. The foliage color amongst all the trees created the perfect fall picture of downtown Pittsburgh! The beauty of the city really shows!

Postindustrial Christi Pittsburgh Beautiful November 4, 2019


/ By Kim Palmiero

“Kennywood is not just an amusement park. It’s one big memory unique to all of Pittsburgh.”

Postindustrial Kelsey Pittsburgh Beautiful October 30, 2019


/ By Kim Palmiero

Pittsburgh is my husband and I’s favorite city and we have been fortunate enough to bring many of our family members along for weekend getaways. During our last trip in October, we took our family to see the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh. Breathtaking both inside and out, the Cathedral does not disappoint any visitor who comes across it. This shot shows the vast size of the Cathedral and reminds us all to keep shooting for the clouds!

Postindustrial Ruben Campos Pittsburgh Beautiful October 23, 2019

Ruben Campos

/ By Kim Palmiero

“I fly by the city daily and everyday she never disappoints with her beauty.?

Postindustrial Mike Puhalla Pittsburgh Beautiful October 2, 2019

Mike Puhalla

/ By Kim Palmiero

“I have been trying all summer to get a good picture of a sunset in Pittsburgh. Every time I tried, it ended up fizzling out. I found this view of the stadium a few weeks before I captured the image pictured. I love the way the Roberto Clemente Bridge passes in front of PNC Park. The sunset behind makes the stadium look like it is on fire — just like the Pirates were that night defeating the Reds 14 to 0! And, what an evening it was. Josh Bell hit RBI number 100 for the year and Colin Moran hit a grand slam homerun! This picture certainly proves that Pittsburgh is not the smoky city of the past but a thriving beautify city.” — Mike Puhalla

Postindustrial Spencer Patrick McKain Pittsburgh Beautiful September 25, 2019

Spencer Patrick McKain

/ By Kim Palmiero

“Pittsburgh’s Market Square provides a colorful and robust atmosphere with many shops and restaurants. The feel of a quaint southern town in the Rust Belt.” — Spencer Patrick McKain

Postindustrial Spencer Zachary Pittsburgh Beautiful September 19, 2019


/ By Kim Palmiero

“I’d driven past the signs pointing to the Flight 93 Memorial on the PA Turnpike and other roads so many times, and every time I did, I felt a little bit sad. But I never actually visited the sight. Perhaps I didn’t want the memory of that day to hit me so square in the face. Recently, however, I had a job that took me to Indian Lake, not far away, and after I decided to finally see it. I’m glad that I did. When I was there, they were just completing the memorial that Zachary catches so beautifully in this photo.” — Chris Klein

Postindustrial, Pittsburgh Beautiful, Lisa & Scott, September 12, 2019

Lisa & Scott

/ By Kim Palmiero

“We visit Pittsburgh often, but this was the first time we walked around the city and our first time visiting The Point. Sometimes you have to slow down and allow yourself to see things from a different perspective. Happy to capture and share just a small piece of beautiful Pittsburgh.”

Postindustrial, Pittsburgh Beautiful, Derrick, September 4, 2019


/ By Kim Palmiero

Pittsburgh has many familiar viewpoints. While the most familiar (The Point and Mt. Washington) are also the most photographed, sometimes it’s the views that you don’t see that strike you. This picture, by Derrick, is just one of those views. It takes a special moment to identify and capture beauty like this, and our city is loaded with it!

Postindustrial, Pittsburgh Beautiful, Alexander, August 27, 2019


/ By Kim Palmiero

“Pittsburgh has been called the ‘Paris of Appalachia’ — so it’s fitting that a tradition of ‘locking’ or ‘securing’ your love or connection with someone is copied on the bridges in Pittsburgh, as it was once done in Paris. This photo shows that this tradition is alive and well in Pittsburgh!”

Postindustrial, Pittsburgh Beautiful, Jackie Smith

Jackie Smith

/ By Kim Palmiero

“I took this photo from a small landing between trees while biking on the North Shore. It was a modest and rather hidden place but it provided a postcard view. If you look for them, you’ll find this city is filled with unassuming spots that give way to beautiful sights.”

Postindustrial, Pittsburgh Beautiful, Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

/ By Kim Palmiero

“Basically when I first traveled to Pittsburgh, it was impossible for me not to take photos. Pittsburgh is such a beautiful city and the skyline of the city is a true work of art.”

Postindustrial, Pittsburgh Beautiful, Zachary Jumba

Zachary Jumba

/ By Kim Palmiero

“Shot above the Smithfield street bridge, looking out at the city on a warm summer evening. All angles in Pittsburgh make for great photographs. Tons still left that need to be captured.”

Postindustrial, Pittsburgh Beautiful, Bill K.

Bill K.

/ By Kim Palmiero

Traveling home from a business trip with my wife, I never expected the plane to bank over downtown at just the right angle. Ended up catching all three professional parks/arenas and 12 Bridges. Having grown up in Washington, Pa., Pittsburgh will always be a Big Beautiful City to me. We now take our three kids downtown when we can. Great to see the smiles on their faces exiting Fort Pitt Tunnel.

Postindustrial, Pittsburgh Beautiful, Kristen Shaw

Kristen Shaw

/ By Kim Palmiero

“I grew up walking the ramps of Three Rivers Stadium and came to love the Pirates as Bonds, Bonilla, Van Slyke, Drabeck, and Bell played the game. Even though I was too young to have seen Roberto Clemente play, I’ve always been drawn to his story; his greatness on and off the field makes him a hero to many generations. As I was traveling in the North Side and came upon this mural on Madison Ave., I knew I had to pull over and capture the image. What an impressive tribute to an amazing ball player and awesome human being.”

Postindustrial Daniel Novakowski Pittsburgh Beautiful July 17, 2019

Daniel Novakowski

/ By Kim Palmiero

“The shot was taken on a warm night, February 2 this year, with the rivers still full of ice. I set out that night with one shot in mind and that was to get a reflection shot. It’s not often you end up with the shot you actually want. But in this case I did. I waited three hours for the waters to calm after a coal barge went down the river and broke up the chunks of ice to get the mirrored reflections. Shot on Nikon D850 with Sigma Prime 24 lens at F/9.0 ISO 64 for 8 second exposure.”

Postindustrial Jevgenia Serper Pittsburgh Beautiful July 10, 2019

Jevgenia Serper

/ By Kim Palmiero

“For me it was love at first sight with Pittsburgh. Perhaps it’s the geography with its rivers and hills, or unique architecture, but ultimately something made me feel right at home away from home the first time I laid my eyes on its iconic skyline.”

Postindustrial Chris Klein Pittsburgh Beautiful July 3, 2019

Chris Klein

/ By Kim Palmiero

“There’s always been something special about fireworks in Pittsburgh. The geography surrounding the down town area provides many different vantage points, which I think is the reason they always draw a crowd.”

Postindustrial Brad Berkstresser Pittsburgh Beautiful June 20, 2019

Brad Berkstresser

/ By Kim Palmiero

“Progressive County Council candidates Bethany Hallam and Liv Bennett are hoping to bring new energy to a legislative body frequently deferential to County Executive Rich Fitzgerald”

Postindustrial Chris Klein Pittsburgh Beautiful June 20, 2019

Chris Klein

/ By Kim Palmiero

“Mount Washington is known for it’s dramatic skyline views, and the inclines are known to provide a few of those special moments. This one, captured by Felix Padilla, marries the serenity of a classic Pittsburgh sunrise with the peaceful grace of the Monongahela Incline.”

Postindustrial Chris Klein Pittsburgh Beautiful June 12, 2019

Chris Klein

/ By Kim Palmiero

“Pittsburgh has a stunning skyline that can be captured in a multitude of ways. There doesn’t seem to be an angle, exposure or location that reflects the city as anything but beautiful.”

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