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In today’s episode:

It’s a guys’ night in as Sorg and Chilla bring us all of the important things in tech news (with some bonus throwbacks) including:

  • Alexa got an update with the new Echo Show 5 from Amazon. Chilla is sharing it as his Awesome Thing of the Week!
  • Wyze is adding people detection for security camera and motion detection.
  • Sorg’s Awesome Thing of the Week is Dr. Mario World – – A DAY EARLY!
  • We have a local plug for the 1001 Game Journey project as Chachi is playing through 1001 Video Games To Play Before You Die!
  • A paralyzed man regains use of his hands thanks to an innovative surgery.
  • Batman is coming to SDCC through an immersive experience!
  • Apple updated the MacBookAir and MacBookPro – and killed a couple other models.
  • Sorg got to hang out for the Furry Parade at Anthrocon!
  • LA has an earthquake warning system, and is getting some use recently!
  • We talked about the Windows 1.0 announcement earlier. Turns out it’s a Stranger Things thing!
  • Amazon and Google have stopped feuding.
  • Sorg (finally) got his hands on a Playstation Classic.
Postindustrial Audio, AwesomeCast Podcast, Michael Sorg

Michael Sorg has been a serial content creator from his early days doing music community sites to a full on production network attempt with Sorgatron Media.Michael has developed content, spoken at, and assisted as a co-organizer for Podcamp Pittsburgh and works for non-profits and companies to assist with social media and video efforts around town.

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