Rehab quandary: After 341 days, is this property worth $35,000?

After 341 days, this Garfield property remains on the market for $28,000 more than the purchaser paid for it in 2007.

If you’re looking for a property to rehab, this one seems ideal. The location is nearly perfect — it sits a block away from Penn Ave. in Garfield between Graham and Fairmont, and it’s within walking distance of everything one could reasonably want to do in Garfield, Bloomfield, or East Liberty. The price, at least initially, seems manageable, too: at $35,000, real estate sites estimate you’re looking at a mortgage of $128 per month.

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Imagine Pittsburgh: ‘actually a cool place to be now.’

This story reposted from USA Today with permission.

PITTSBURGH — Kevin Dowling says he can’t believe how cool this city has become.

After graduating years ago from college, Dowling recently returned to Pittsburgh to be the vice president of engineering at 4moms (, creators of high-tech strollers and other baby accessories embedded with robotics and other patented innovations.

After years working in traditional tech hubs like San Francisco and Boston, he was lured back to Pittsburgh by a fledgling innovation industry nurtured by area universities, innovation incubators and venture capitalists.

“Coming back to Pittsburgh, I saw a healthy balance of finance, marketing and engineering (at 4moms)” said Dowling, who turned down a job offer with Google to lead the next generation of designs at the small company. “It’s actually a cool place to be now.”

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